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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your adoption fee?

3 Dogs Rescue's nonrefundable adoption fee 

 Puppies to one year old is $550. 

Adult dogs one to eight years old $500. 

Senior dogs ages 8+ have a reduced adoption fee of $300.


If adopting a kitten the fee is $215($400 if you adopt two together).

Cats 1 year or older have an adoption fee of $175.



Where are you located? Can I come visit your available dogs?

We are a foster-based rescue, meaning that all of our dogs are not at one central location. 3 Dogs Rescue believes that a shelter environment can add more stress to an already traumatic situation for an animal. We have a network of amazing and compassionate local fosters who graciously allow our dogs (and sometimes cats!) to hang out for a few days while they wait for a forever home. Approved applicants may schedule a meeting to visit and hopefully adopt one of our dogs.

What do I need to do in order to adopt from 3 Dogs Rescue?

The first step involves completing an adoption application found on our FORMS page. The application is an informative tool that helps us find the best match for our dogs and potential adopters. Our volunteer coordinators will speak with references, complete a veterinary check, as well as follow up with the applicant if further information is needed. If you are interested in a specific dog or cat, you can email the adoption coordinator to learn more about the animal.  Once approved, a coordinator will contact you to speak further about adopting. Finalizing the adoption involves completing both our adoption contract and payment prior to bringing your newest addition home. 


How long will it take for my application to be processed?

The approval process typically takes 3-5 days.  The number of applications the rescue receives may vary depending on the animal and we do our best to process applications promptly. A member of the team should notify you if you've been approved or not. To help us process your application faster make sure to call your veterinary office and communicate with your references that the rescue will be contacting them. Please contact the adoption coordinator directly if you are interested in one of their assigned dogs/cats.


Can you hold a dog for me?

We do not hold dogs. Please only apply if you know that you will be home to help your new family member acclimate. 

Where do I pick up my dog? What should I bring?

Because we are completely reliant on our volunteer foster families to care for our animals while they wait to be adopted, meetings most often occur at the foster's home. It is recommended that the adopting family brings along a leash, harness, and kennel so that the animal can be safely transported home.


What is my dog's story? Why was it in rescue? How big will my adopted dog be when fully grown? Do you know the full mix? 

We work directly with trusted rescues from the South, mainly Mississippi. It is not uncommon for puppies to be found on the side of the road, or for perfect adult dogs to be surrendered. We do not know exactly why dogs end up in rescue, but we do everything we can to get them into a better home. We take our best guess at breed mixes, but our best guess is truly only a guess. 

Do I have to submit an application every time I see a dog I would like to be considered for?

Simple answer; no you do not! If you have applied with us and have missed out on a dog, your application will remain in our system and can be reviewed for approval for a period of 3 months. After the 3 months have passed, we do ask that you resubmit an application. Please contact the coordinator assigned to the dog/cat that you are interested in adopting (via email).

I see an available dog or cat and would like more information. Whom do I contact?

All of our dogs and cats are assigned an adoption coordinator who is in charge of finding a family for the animal. If you see an animal and would like more information, you want to email the coordinator. It is found under the write-up/description of the dog or cat on our Facebook Page. If you are on Petfinder, you can locate the assigned coordinator and email address on the right-hand side of the webpage below our address. Please DO NOT message us on Facebook or inquire through our website. Please, reach out to the coordinator.

Will my new dog be potty trained, crate trained, leash trained, etc?

The dog or cat's age and background will determine how much basic training he or she has acquired. The first experience with living in a home or being separated from littermates can be when they arrive in New England and are taken in by their foster family. With patience and love from their foster, our animals begin learning new skills individual to their needs. Adopters should expect that their new dog or cat will need to continued and consistent training in order to fully acclimate them to their new and rescued life!


How can I become a foster or volunteer? 

The backbone of our success is reliant on the amazing community of fosters and volunteers who help our animals along their journey to a better life. To foster, please complete an application which can be found on our FOSTER page.


Interested in learning more about other ways you can volunteer? Please submit an application on our VOLUNTEER page and a coordinator will reach out! Opportunities range from puppy wrangling, event help, fundraising, transporting, all the way to coordinating.

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