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3 Dogs Rescue relies on our foster community to help with our mission to save as many animals as possible.  Because we are a not a facility-based rescue, we can only pull as many animals as we have available fosters from our southern partners. Expanding our foster network allows us to save more lives.  


If you can help, please complete an application, and our foster coordinator will reach out!


Fostering is a short term commitment that will save a life. The rescue will provide all food and necessities. All we ask is you provide care and love to your foster!

Why should I foster?

Save a Life

Fostering frees up a spot so the rescue can take in another dog. You end up saving two lives; the dog you are fostering as well as the additional dog we are able to save.

Helps Us Learn

Giving your foster individual attention helps us learn more about the dog or cat so it can end up in the best home possible.

Provides Time

You might be giving the dog or cat the time it needs to be ready for adoption.


By exposing the dog or cat to your world, it is getting used to a home environment and helping the dog or cat get used to new people, animals, and experiences.

Still have questions? Please read over our FAQ's page for additional information, or feel free to reach out to us! 

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