Jen founded 3 Dogs Rescue in 2014 and hasn’t looked back. Since then, she has spent more nights in our rescue office than in her own house. Most notably, Jen decided that more work needs to be done in Mississippi. She regularly drives south to volunteer, bring supplies, and work with animals first hand. Now she encourages her team to come with her and experience the rescue process from start to finish. Jen makes tough decisions when no one else can, then let’s the team lean on her when rescue just seems too bleak. But then, it’s your birthday, and there’s a parade and a mariachi band and a 5 foot cake at your front door and you realize somehow Jen is behind that too. If there was ever a human to put literally everyone and every animal on earth before herself, it’s Jen. If you adopted a dog or cat from our rescue, she is behind it.


Olivia is the youngest of our team and a jack of all trades. She is a professional puppy snuggler, and can assemble a crate in record time. Olivia would do best tin a home with little human interaction, as she prefers to be around animals instead. Occasionally Olivia can be bribed to enter the general public with the promise of Mexican Food.

Angie fostered our first dog, and was our first ever coordinator. Angie has been with our rescue since DAY ONE. Angie is always our voice of reason... and basically has become our unofficial cool aunt. Like, had your third grade self convinced that you that you absolutely rocked on the recorder (even though you sucked) type of cool aunt. Angie is from the north country so we don’t see her as often as we would like, but she’s always offering virtual hugs and supporting our rescue from afar.


"What would Sydney do?" Has become our official motto. Sydney goes above and beyond so often that she make the rest of us look like peasants. There isn't anything Sydney wouldn't do for an animal in need, and that's why we had to have her on board. She also rocks a scrunchie like no ones business.

Tough exterior, happiest when she is holding a dog. Michelle is brutally honest and will put you in your place real quick with a 2 pound puppy in her arms. She is our team muscle. Michelle is living our collective dream as the coordinator with the most personal dogs. We recently had an early morning spreadsheet disaster and Michelle was all. "Chill, I have a backup."... and sometimes we have to ask her how to properly spell things. She really keeps us in line.


Head of the kitten department and our resident cat lady. We keep Mary around because she is the friendliest human you will ever meet, and we think that makes us look good. Mary is a natural caretaker, so she *will* order us food on transport days, but *wont* let us eat all of our Halloween candy at once. She really balances us out. Mary never backs down from a challenge and has even begun giving vaccines and microchips (both of of those tasks are not easy and not particularly fun). When Mary isn’t working with our rescue, she spends her time kayaking and going on outdoor adventures with her husband and sweet son.

Desi started as one of our fosters, then quickly became one of the best. We would be like "Hey Desi, super last minute, but can you foster a--" and before the sentence was even finished Desi would be Tokyo drifting into our driveway with open arms. Desi does not hesitate to roll up her sleeves and dive into any task. When Desi isn't volunteering with our rescue, she teaches (spooky music) high school. That's probably where her unwavering patience comes from.

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 10.25.51

Our paperwork guru and office queen. Kim holds both of these titles due to her strict adherence to all rules. Kim reviews all vetting and ensures that we are up to code on all of that boring back end stuff. Legend has it that Kim is so responsible and organized that she is Oprah's number one emergency contact.

Our team BFF. Kristen is the girl who will make you laugh when you need it, but will also light your ex boyfriend's house on fire when you need it. When Kristen isn't coordinating or volunteering in Mississippi, you can find her off on an outdoor adventure with her pups and husband. She also might talk you into getting a tattoo or 6.


Kristy fostered our first ever litter of puppies (10 at once!) many moons ago. If you walk in from a long day and notice your office is immaculate, dogs are happy, paperwork is done, spreadsheets are filled out... that’s just an average day for Kristy. If for some reason you cannot locate Kristy, simply redirect yourself to the nearest puppy and there is a 100% chance it’ll be asleep in Kristy’s arms.

Our team mom. Okay, she does have human and fur children of her own, and a family and friends that we have to share her with... but we wish Kathy would adopt us. Her presence is like a warm blanket that just came out of a dryer. Kathy loves fiercely and gives 150% at all times. Need a pen? Kathy already knows and is handing it to you before you ask. Need a hug, chapstick, or a Pinterest worthy party? Kathy again. We really don’t know how she does it all. Possibly the power of puppy kisses.


Sometimes we're in a pinch and we're like, "Crisis mode. A dog needs to be moved immediately. Any suggestions?" and 2 minutes later Amanda sends a selfie of the dog sleeping at her feet. Then we're all "What the? How the?" and Amanda cracks a beer and signs off messenger. She is the girl you want in a sticky situation because she get's stuff done. When Amanda isn't being a rescue superhero, she spends her days being a legitimate chemist. Honestly, all of our cool points are because she hangs out with us.

Rose is either the most stealthy woman alive, or possibly a network of tiny ninjas dressed in 3 Dogs clothing. Either way, we are so lucky to have her (or the ninjas). It’s like, we will be thinking that something needs to get done but realize Rose already did it 4 years ago. Rose adopted the first dog we ever brought up from Mississippi, so she’s kiiiiind of a celebrity to us. We recently asked her to join our team and she is totally whipping us into shape.


Social Media Girl 🐾

It’s me, the 3 Dogs social media girl. I was commenting on how strange it would be to write my own profile, then Jen pointed out that no one knows who really writes these posts. I’m honored to be part of the great mystery, so we decided to keep it that way. Also, what if I show my face and everyone wants to be my friend? I’m already maxed out at 2. When I’m not writing dating profiles for dogs and cats I’m usually rolling my eyes or googling the nearest happy hour. I like to be outside until I get back to my phone and the rest of the coordinators are yelling at me because I’m 5 days behind on posting their dogs. Happy to be here.