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Jen founded 3 Dogs Rescue in 2014 and hasn’t looked back. Since then, she has spent more nights in our rescue office than in her own house. Most notably, Jen decided that more work needs to be done in Mississippi. She regularly drives south to volunteer, bring supplies, and work with animals first hand. Now she encourages her team to come with her and experience the rescue process from start to finish. Jen makes tough decisions when no one else can, then let’s the team lean on her when rescue just seems too bleak. But then, it’s your birthday, and there’s a parade and a mariachi band and a 5 foot cake at your front door and you realize somehow Jen is behind that too. If there was ever a human to put literally everyone and every animal on earth before herself, it’s Jen. If you adopted a dog or cat from our rescue, she is behind it.


Olivia is the youngest member of the 3 Dogs team, with many years of experience working rescue. She has been involved in rescue since a very young age, originally as a foster.  As one of the founders of 3DR, Olivia lives and breathes rescue, and still makes time to be a student, an excellent dog mom, work at a horse barn, and, show Western pleasure/All around with her horse Dolly. She has 5 rescue dogs(two of which are hers). 

Favorite part of rescue "Seeing the long-timers and adults come up from the south, and watching first hand the scared dogs come out of their shells".

Angie fostered the first-ever 3 Dogs pup and has been with the rescue since it took off back in 2014. After fostering with the rescue for a year, she then took on coordinating adoptions and is now our designated foster and volunteer coordinator. Angie has been with the rescue every step of the way, and has a special place in her heart for Senior dogs and overlooked adults. Presently, she is in charge of running all our incoming foster applications, volunteer inquiries, and will take on the occasional dog adoption. Interested in fostering? Have questions? Email Angie, she knows it all.

Favorite part of rescue: " Seeing the dogs arrive here in Maine off the transport van from Mississippi is my favorite part of rescue. Having them arrive means their previous life is in the past, they are now in our care and we will find them a forever home. Their exit from the transport van here in Maine is a new beginning.<3"



Tough exterior, happiest when she is holding a dog. Michelle is brutally honest and will put you in your place real quick with a 2 pound puppy in her arms. She is our team muscle. Michelle is living our collective dream as the coordinator with the most personal dogs. We recently had an early morning spreadsheet disaster and Michelle was all. "Chill, I have a backup."... and sometimes we have to ask her how to properly spell things. She really keeps us in line.


Mary is the head of our kitten department, but still loves dogs just as much! Mary is going on year 4of volunteering with 3DR; fostering first and soon after becoming more involved as a coordinator. Quite the multitasker, Mary takes on the additional responsibility of helping communicate resources to families who are working on behaviors and training with their rescue pets.

She is a hop, skip, and a jump over the border in New Hampshire where she also owns and operates a screenprinting shop (Check out our awesome gear that she creates for us).

Favorite part of rescue: "Anytime I get to foster a litter of kittens, and seeing empty kennels of long time shelters pups who have found their forever homes".


Our paperwork guru and office queen. Kim holds both of these titles due to her strict adherence to all rules. Kim reviews all vetting and ensures that we are up to code on all of that boring back end stuff. Legend has it that Kim is so responsible and organized that she is Oprah's number one emergency contact. Kim has two wonderful and adorable rescues of her own, Sophie and Sippi!


Kristy, one of the first volunteers with 3 Dogs Rescue, has been with us since 2015, She started off initially as a foster. In fact, Kristy fostered our very first litter of puppies, 10 in all. She has been a coordinator for years and has trained many of our team members in this role. A Maine resident, you'll most likely meet Kristy at one of our adoption events! She too has a home of rescues, three foster fails later.

Favorite part of rescue; "You can't change a dog's past, but you can rewrite the future".



Sometimes we're in a pinch and we're like, "Crisis mode. A dog needs to be moved immediately. Any suggestions?" and 2 minutes later Amanda sends a selfie of the dog sleeping at her feet. Then we're all "What the? How the?" and Amanda cracks a beer and signs off messenger. She is the girl you want in a sticky situation because she get's stuff done. When Amanda isn't being a rescue superhero, she spends her days being a legitimate chemist. Honestly, all of our cool points are because she hangs out with us.

Rose is a part of the history of 3 Dogs Rescue. She adopted the first dog we ever brought up from Mississippi, so she's basically a celebrity to the team. A coordinator for many years, Rose leaves no stone unturned when it comes to finding the best placement for our dogs. A resident of Maine, and a two-time 3DR adopter, Rose loves dogs just as much as any of us! 



Stacy is one of our newest adoption coordinators, but she is no stranger to the 3 Dogs team. She has been fostering since the fall of 2017 after seeing the world of rescue, and the mass amount of dogs that are euthanized in areas of the USA annually. Volunteering to help save animals' lives has become one of her greatest passions ever since. When she's not working her full-time job in healthcare, Stacey enjoys spending time with her family and 3 dogs on the water and camping.

Favorite part of rescue: "The wonderful, amazing feeling of saving a life and connecting the pups with their forever home. Also, watching how happy the adopters are with their new dog, and following the families and dogs along the way in their new home. Knowing that without rescue and our help, these pups might not have had a good life or one at all". 

Missy, our Massachusetts team member, fostered for 3 Dogs for several years before we finally convinced her to become a coordinator. We have lost count on how many dogs she's taken in for us, whenever a foster need is not met, she will take two. Somehow, she finds the time to work as a full-time nurse practitioner, be a mom, and send dog after dog to its forever family. Not to mention, she has 3 dogs, 3 cats, 8 rabbits and 1 guinea pig she cares for.

Favorite part of rescue: Fostering!

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